a strong charitable ecosystem which pulls together

Shared voluntary resources Independent philanthropic foundations spent well over £3 billion on charitable causes in 2018/19. (  General grant-making grew by almost 10%, an annual increase made possible by a strong asset base worth £67 billion. These foundations and the charities they support are part of an enterprising ecosystem which has – throughout time – shared voluntary resources to strengthen […]

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Foundations essential to creating civil society

New results showing that grant-making by the UK’s Top 300 foundations reached a record £3.3 billion in 2016/7 – despite the unpredictable economic environment – offer some reassurance to civil society. In a fourth continuous year of positive growth, grants grew by almost 11%. The value of foundation grants goes well beyond monetary worth. Foundations are an integral multi-faceted part […]

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Foundations as a global force

Revealing that foundation philanthropy has a growing world-wide role in addressing needs, the first global map of foundation philanthropy has been published, The Global Philanthropy Report:Perspectives on the global foundation sector. The study co-ordinates data from 39 countries, including a UK contribution from Cathy Pharoah, Cass Business School.  It reveals the scale of institutional philanthropy as a global force for […]


Shoring up the foundations for future generations

Relief not complacency is the message of the 9th annual edition of Foundation Giving Trends,  flagship annual report on giving trends amongst UK foundations.  Philanthropic foundations are a solid bedrock of support for civil society. So it is a relief that spending reached its highest level ever in 2015/2016 after some years of bumpy post-recession trends  – almost £3 billion. […]